Friday, September 11, 2009

jiwa kacau

aku rase nak pecah kepala skang ni.aku banyak plan and banyak bende nak kena buat and setelkan termasuk raya stuffs...tapi aku betul2 dah out of order and out of bukan pasal aku suka online shopping k...eiskk..ok adela sikit sikit kena most of the time..bulan pose mesti jadik camnie.nak raya mesti jadik camnie.bajet lari tak tentu arah sampai diri menggelabah.ahhh...aku benci bila poket kosong.aku rase nak pms tak semena-mena.huh..kekadang duit mmg segala-galanya.

aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.jiwa kacau betul la......

minah import

i am so annoyed by me she always think she knows about what she's is as if she is so informative and full of opinions.the thing i hate most is her import attitude.everything she owns must be either imported or from the outer country.everything malaysian seems to be so cheapskate for her.i don't think she owns anything malaysian made.she's too ashamed of that.from CD's to carriers.blerghhh...u make me sick that i feel like puking out.on your face would be even better.

Friday, September 4, 2009

im exaggerating.

im kinda pissed with myself rite's becoz i have so many things on my mind right many things on my shop of course.omg im such an online shopping addict.once i start i just couldn't many things to buy...but so little money.isk isk isk...

1. GRObaby diaper(revolutionary!)
2. Ring Sling
3. SSC ( the new jumpsac is fancy )
4.Uppababy (ok..this is so melampau i know )
5. DKNY watch
6.Medela Freestyle (isk..ape aku cakap ni)
hmm...mane nak cari duit ni ek...