Thursday, August 27, 2009


Right after sahur i feel like i need to express my feelings this past few so messed head feels like as if i've had a 1 ton of bricks smacked on them.maybe becoz im not sleeping well...not sleeping enough to be exact.
There are a few concerns actually regarding imran.This ramadhan,our house happens to have a temporary maid which ayah took from i also took the chance to do some of my own things after handling imran on my own for 2 months plus.And for me it's also a good practise for imran to communicate with strangers so that it will be much easier when we have a maid sooner or later.But it turns out to be more challenging than i thought.Sleeping was always a problem
from the took me and hubby some trial and errors to actually observe what type/kind of sleeping that suits him best...that wouldn't shock him...that wouldn't wake him up like only 5-10 mins of sleeping only.
So these past few days i seem to notice a few of his so-called 'attitude'.

sleeping : day time i try to stick him with ebm especially when he is with the temp maid.with me right after his day time bath...i will give him ebm and he will easily get dozed off and will eventually sleepy for at least an hour.but with the maid around he doesn't want to sleep at all.his sleeping time during the day the most is only 10mins.since he has other 'attitudes' i end up taking him from the maid to try to direct feed him just to make him sleep but.....

feeding : i feed him to make him go to sleep...but it seems that he will direct feed for hours non-stop and will only chicken sleep(wtf...tido tido ayam la) it is as if he doesn't want to be apart from me so the only thing that can make me stick to him is feeding least thats what i think he's doing.

feeding 2 : another feeding problem is he only likes to feed on my right breast...and after such long hours my breast will feel numb and sore.everytime i offer my left side he will scream madly as if he's been abused.with his voice...oh god i couldn't bare to hang on but at last offer him my right breast again.but i never stop trying on offering my left one.maybe he's not comfortable or not into the position so much or what...but it haven't been obvious before.or maybe it's just like us who are some right handed and left handed on doing writings...the hand we like the it like that ?

cranky/moody/demanding : this is the worst part of all i think.he has this attitude of liking to be cradle hold all the time...but standing only.sitting down will only make him cry and he will strech out his hands and legs...gosh which is soo's like we can't do anything besides holding him all the time.he can't even lay down for like more than 5minutes...and he will cry cry am i suppose to do anything when most of the time i have to hold him except when he is sleeping.and if i do have a she hired only to hold my baby?oh gosh i coulnt bare thinking of son is too demanding...and i don't really know what to so so stressed out with all his parents are urging me to get a swing for my that he could sleep better. and that is the thing i've been trying to avoid since the beggining.i don't want him to get addicted to swings...i don't want him to depend his sleep on something not natural.i don't want him of not sleeping just because there is no swing.for me...just like pacifiers..swing are also addictive and hard to get off it.well i don't know..just my 2 cents.too many opinions from others makes me feel like im a bad mummy to him...that i couln't make my decision and solve the problems myself.i feel like a total head are heavy as turning moody nowadays with all these just not sure is this permanent or only temporary.well i guess we will wait and see....

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


anak saye dah botak.dia comel gile bila botak.saye lebih suka dia botak dari ada rambot sikit-sikit yang macam segan silu nak tumbuh tu.hehe.suke sangat dia botak...kepala dia bulat...mata bulat...pipi bulat...suke muncung bibir bulat.pendek kata semuanya bulat lah.badan je panjang...hehe.dalam gambar ni bukan main lagi dia angkat kepala dia skang.bukan main mendongak tingginya.actually imran mmg banyak tidur meniarap.semuanya sejak dia masuk hopspital sebab jaundice..masa tu dia kecik lagi so selalu tidur menonggeng la kan.sejak dia balik rumah...dia cepat terkejut dalam tidur dia dan tidur kami cuba tidurkan dia meniarap...and it works.memula tu cuak jugak la..tapi lama2 dia pon dah pandai nak adjust kepala dia dari kiri ke kanan vice versa.memula tu leher dia tak supportive enough so dia mampu angkat kepala angkat sekejap2 dia dah bole dongak lama2.credits to a 2mth old baby what...
jadi tidur meniarap tu actually mmg banyak membantu dia menguatkan otot leher dia.and...ada banyak kelebihan meniarap ni senang burp once kita tiarapkan dia.and baby is always connected to angin/ this position of sleeping really really helps pumping out all the unnessacary air.
to be safe...imran hanya tidur meniarap during day time and only by monitored by me of course.malam mmg dia tidur cam biasa since it's more quiet and his sleepy is kinda real at's better to be safe than sorry since..this position of sleeping is the main cause of SID(Sudden Instant Death) among babies.Kalau baby tak fussy...tak da masalah pon tido macam biase.
tapi suke sangat tgk dia mendongak camnie...macam jinjang je leher dia...hehe.cuteness !

Monday, August 10, 2009


gosh...imran dah 2 bulan lebih skang.cepatnya masa berlalu..tak sabar rasanya nak tunggu dia besar tapi dalam masa yang sama aku rasa macam nak membekukan masa.mcm besh je dia kecik semakin hari dia semakin besar.dan berat haha....mak aku mesti marah kalau aku cakap imran berat.dia akan cakap ' jangan cakap berat....badan semangat'.tp aku selalu degil sebab imran mmg berat.haha...dia 5kg okeyyy i tell u.mmg badan dia kecik berat tulang kot?badan pun panjang je...maybe nak jadik tinggi macam ibu ngan abah dia.
Dia sebulan lebih da pandai senyum.As he grows dia ada habit baru skang ni...which is babbling.wa wa wa...wee wee wee....macam2 la dia cakap.ngan riak muka bekerut2nya...ishh ye ye je.macam orang becerita...lawak pon ade.kekadang bile aku bebel kat dia...dia pon start gakk sound dia.aku lak rasa cam dia tengah bebel kat aku balik sbb bebel kat dia.padan muke aku.haha.kadang-kadang dia cakap sampai telepas perkataan macam mak,ibu,abah.sayup-sayup...hujung-hujung jela dengarnya.Tapi sume orang tengok dia mesti pelik...bukan budak 3-4bulan baru wat bising ke.anak ko ni bape bulan...eee bijak betul la.huh lagi dipuji...lagi senyum aa budak imran tu.dia cam tau2 aje....nasib baik la comeii...
Now...latest habit yang obvious sangat these few days is dia da mula suke geget and hisap jari dia.sarung tangan dia habis dia tarik dan hisap sampai lencun segala.sampai tercabut...pastu dia mula la operasi nyonyot jari dia.sampai bebunyi2....haha lucu betul la anak aku ni.

nota kaki : geget
ni nickname aku zaman kegemilangan mirc dulu...tempias kat anak kot.hihi :p

nota kaki lagi : gambar ni dari n76 cabok aku lagi.dahh penuh gambar imran dalam tu.apsal la aku malas sangat nak upload gamba dalam lumix.eeeee !