Tuesday, January 4, 2011

effortlessly fashionable.

my last post was may 4th? what a LOSER.

i need to update more about myself.i need to stop giving excuses that im a busy lady..coz everyone is.but i ammmmm truly busy.hehe.

i got the chance to really 'surf nowadays' and my current search is :-

1. hana tajima - cute japanese-english muslim fashion designer.check out her tutorial on youtube.

2. Aishah amin - the new hijab fashionista in town.she is sooo cool.do check her outfit :)

3. Scarflets - a group/community for hijabians who loves fashion and stuffs.their kinda new hopefully mane new updates from them.would <3 to join them someday.this is one of the members blog.i found them by coincidence.

really wish i could be as fashionable as all of them.pheww..dun think i have the courage though.or maybe coz im not thin enough?personally..i do think the thin-s and the skinny-s look good in everything they wear.looks are bonus.or maybe its just me who is low of confidence.but i am indeed FAT.

mind me.then my new years resolution is .... getting THIN !

pftt.we'll see.

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