Saturday, June 14, 2008

Here in my home

I found something that made me smile today.I've heard it several times through the radio but it didn't really caught my attention at first.I almost thought it was an international hit single from the all stars of american artistes maybe.But then i realize that the voices in the song sounded so close to my heart,almost familiar i shall say.

Today i decided to find and download the song.But i end up watching the video that soothes me inside.The video actually makes me smile....And i hope you're smiling too.Let's just put aside our differences and unite for once.Despite our nationality,race,religion etc. we are so very the Malaysianlah!


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daniasyazleen said...

aku pernah dgr lagu ni skali jek dlm hitz mase tu jj n rudy on call dgn pencipta lagu ni, die cerita mcm mane tercetusnya idea nak wat lagu ni n macam mane die gather artis2 yg involve dlm lagu ni. tak silap aku the first person yg setuju nak involve is aflin shauki.. but yes.. watching the clip really make me smile.