Friday, July 17, 2009


Since becoming a mum...i seem to be venturing into new stuffs.yes of course all about mummy-baby stuff.and one of it is was becoz i wanted to get myself a baby carrier for my husband to carry him when we're out shopping or strolling out.i almost got myself a baby bjorn carrier...but im the type who will search and dig about a product before buying them..but it only applies for expensive stuff.i am quite a spender actually..haha.bad mama !

So that is when i got to know babywearing.wearing your baby is actually bonding with your loved can wear them inside a pouch,ring sling,wrap or soft structured's totally different from the crotch carrier we can find in departmental stores because what we don't know is it's actually quite dangerous for the baby and effects the backbone.and one more thing babies are actually hanging away.that's scary ain't it.but to be honest with something like baby's almost impossible to find faults in it.the babies look so comfy in there and their neck is well supported.then again...the hanging leg is actually annoying.i know we don't actually notice the hanging leg unless we compare them with an ssc.

Now im thinking of selling my stroller...not really becoz of babywearing actually.It's just because that i don't go out suppose to go jogging with him on the stroller but with all the H1N1 hassle going around town...its a big no no.and it's also becoz i don't really like my's too bulky and not really my choice.someone else is paying for how can i resist an offer.

here's hubby in ssc an me in ring sling which i rent from

p/s:sorry for the lousy's from my ehem lousy phone...maybe i need a new one.n97 please!

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